Strength, endurance and mobility go together- only if you are fit in all these areas you are really fit. CrossFit is not a normal fitness programme- CrossFit is a functional training that focuses on your natural body movements and will take you to your limits.

CrossFit is special- it challenges the fittest but is also manageable for beginners. Whether you are a top athlete or a beginner, old or young- the programme is always the same. Only intensity and speedy vary.


in frankfurt

Hirtenstraße 5-7
Frankfurt Gutleutviertel

Hanauer Landstraße 205
Frankfurt Ostend





Keen to leave your comfort zone, go beyond your limits and to become really fit? Learn more about CrossFit and find out what you can achieve. Register now for our introductory session.

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Plan your workouts up to 14 days ahead. Check out our itinerary and save a spot for yourself. Register now for your next workout!

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