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The FFMCrossFit box was opened in 2016 by Abedin Paci. In addition to our daily changing workouts, we offer you courses that take up the individual CrossFit components and get you fit. So you can either work on yourself very specifically or just have fun with your favorite discipline.

WOD – Workout of the Day

Exercising at FFMCrossFit never gets boring. The workouts led by our coaches are never the same- sometimes they focus on strength, sometimes they focus on stamina, sometimes on flexibility. One thing always stays the same: Our WODs are always challenging. With every workout you will be improving your skills, getting fitter and pushing beyond your limit.




Team WOD

Every Saturday and Sunday we do extended Team WODs lasting 75 or 90 minutes. These workouts are designed not to learn new skills but to have a good time exercising together. Our Weekend WODs are all about team spirit in CrossFit- these workouts you can only finish as a team.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Strength and power are an essential building block for your fitness. CrossFit integrates the elements from Olympic weightlifting that help you to build up strength. Therefore, they appear regularly in the WODs. In this course you will learn the skills required for OLY and train your strength. The trainers correct you – until you have internalized the movements and execute them properly.






In our GYM sessions you can improve your mobility and broaden your skills. Handstand, pullups, this is where we do demanding stuff- our coaches will show you how to exercise various movements. At the end of each workout these new skills will be incorporated in a workout. To keep things interesting we focus on a new skill each month.


Mobility and flexibility are a limiting factor for many people. Whether in everyday life when putting on socks or doing a deep squad in a crossfit workout, increased mobility helps us to improve our quality of movement and thus also to increase our performance. Pain in certain parts of the body can also be alleviated or even disappear entirely through targeted mobility training. In the mobility class, certain joints or muscles are therefore focused and worked on using a wide variety of mobilization and stretching methods.




Body, mind and soul in harmony: Yoga harmonizes our body functions, leads us to more peace and serenity. Regular exercise activates our respiratory and digestive systems, regulates metabolism and hormones. Crossfit athletes benefit from these advantages in terms of their regeneration, flexibility and mental development. That is why our yoga class is extremely popular. Namaste.


Strength and stamina go together, which is why our rowing classes are a major component of your fitness. Firstly, you will learn the right rowing technique to prevent injuries and exercise optimally. Secondly, we focus on improving your stamina. Whether we do 500m or a 2000m sprint- with rowing we train until exertion.




CrossFit combines strength and stamina. Running- being one of our most natural movements- is the basis for your stamina. In spring and summer we also offer outdoor running classes. As a group and with your coaches instructions you can work on your running technique, get faster doing interval training and improve your stamina with running longer distances.


Do you meet the requirements and want to train on the next level?


Our Comp-Class meets three times a week and was created for advanced athletes who want to prepare for competitions. Programming is done by Abedin and Enes. The following requirements are placed on you if you are interested in participating:

  1. Overhead Squats: 3x BW or 10x 0,75 BW
  2. Fran and Diane 2-5 min
  3. Handstandwalk 5m unbroken
  4. 3/1 Muscle Up Ring und Bar
  5. Row 2000 m under 7:30 / 8:30 min
  6. Snatch 80/50 kg or BW
  7. Backsquat 145/90 kg or 1,75 / 1,5 BW
  8. Jacky under 7:00 / 8:00 min
  9. 100 Double Unders in 60 sec
  10. 2/1 Legless Rope Climbs in 60 sec
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